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Past Events and Awards - 2015

Annual Spring Conference

2015 Thursday, April 9th, 6 pm 8 pm, and 8:30 am 4 pm Friday, April 10th
Sheraton St. Louis City Center, 400 South 14th Street, St. Louis 63103

Reducing Conflict through Teaching Effective
Co-Parenting Skills and Techniques - Edward Farber, PhD

Effective Co-Parenting is an elusive concept for many practitioners and even more elusive for our clients who desperately need functional co-parenting relationships. Through large group presentations, a panel discussion and small group discussions, participants will expand upon their current understanding of what it means to co-parent and learn skills and techniques for teaching their clients to co-parent effectively before, during and after litigation.

ABOUT ED FARBER: He serves on the clinical faculty at the George Washington University School of medicine and is the former chair of psychology at the Ohio State University Pediatrics Department and Nationwide Columbus Children’s Hospital. Recognizing the need for specialized services for families in transition or divorce, Dr Farber founded Reston Psychological Center and Reston Family Center to provide pre-divorce counseling, custody evaluations, visitation assessments and psychotherapy. Dr. Farber has published professionally, lectured nationally and received multiple research grants.
He has served on several national and local community boards. Dr Farber has treated hundreds of families of separation and divorce and has been recognized by his colleagues as a top therapist in the Washingtonian magazine. Dr. Farber lives in the Washington, D.C. area with his wife and children.


A State Chapter of The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, MO-AFCC & MARCH Annual Spring Conference, 2015 April 9th and April 10th, Reducing Conflict through Teaching Effective Co-Parenting Skills and Techniques. This presentation will be helpful for therapists, mediators, evaluators, family law attorneys, guardians ad litem, and judges.

For more information, please contact us at 800-595-9750.

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